Arnol Kox is confirmed dead at the age of 67.
Arnol was best known as a Dutch street preacher.
Arnol Kox
Born(1952-10-11)11 October 1952
Died15 July 2020(2020-07-15) (aged 67)
Occupationstreet preacher
Arnol Kox (11 October 1952 – 15 July 2020) was a Dutch street preacher.
For at least 40 years he loudly proclaimed God's word in the center of Eindhoven. He talked to (shopping) people directly with incentives to repentance and religious messages.
Kox regularly went to court. Angry shopkeepers tried to stop it in court in 2008. Unsucessfully: the city preacher was acquitted.
In 2000 Kox married Gerry Diederen, a German teacher from Kerkrade.
As of 2010, Kox's health deteriorated. Three years later, he was hit with a heart attack on the street, and leukemia was diagnosed in 2019. On July 5, Arnol Kox made a final tour through Eindhoven's city center.
The Eindhoven alderman Yassin Torunglu organized a card campaign for the city preacher. Kox received a total of 250 cards from all over the country
Kox died at the hospital in Eindhoven on 15 July 2020, aged 67, due to leukemia.
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