Amanullah (comedian) is confirmed dead at the age of 70.
Amanullah was best known as a Pakistani actor (Khabarnaak).
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Amanullah Khan
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Birth nameAmanullah Khan
Native nameامان اللہ خان
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Died (aged 70)
MediumStand up comedian, film, television, stage actor
EmployerDunya News (2013–2017)
Geo News (2010–2013)
Neo News (2017- 2018)
AAP News(2018–2020)
Amanullah Khan (1950 – 6 March 2020), known professionally as Amanullah, was a Pakistani Punjabi theatre performer, stand up comedian and renowned TV artist regarded as one of the best comedians in Indian subcontinent. He is citied as one of the world best observational comedian as he learned through his surroundings and everyday happenings.He influenced many artists as well as people. Khan has a world record of 860-day night theater plays. According to famous Pakistani comedian Sohail Ahmed, Amanullah Khan was regarded as one of the top comedians in Pakistan aswell in Indian subcontinent. He appeared in khabarzar on Aap News.
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EarlyLife and Career
Amanullah was born in a small area of Lahore in 1950 to a common man his Father and Ancestors were used to sing at weddings and small Functions and his family had a musical background . As his mother died and his father fell ill when he was very young so He has spent his childhood in poverty by doing daily labour work and selling eatable items near Data Darbaar Lahore. where he used to earn 5-10 Rs at that time. He is the only son of his parents while he has one sister.Amanullah started his career with a stage comedy where he got a chance to show his talent at a very young age. He got introduced in the industry by famous Pakistani singer of that time, Tufail Niazi. Tufail Niazi was his Neighbour who uncovered his abilities and showed his talent to the world. He has been a part of various stage dramas and has performed various characters. He is one of the senior-most stage actors who made people laugh with his witty jokes.
Amanullah Niazi has earned huge respect and love with his remarkable work. He always remained the center of attention, and people loved watching him on stage. A few of his famous stage dramas incorporate 'Khirki ke peechay,' Disco Deewanay,' and many others.He has been termed as the most remarkable comedian whose comedy and energy on stage is unmatchable. Amanullah has made a record of doing 860 shows in his career and also honored with the Pride of Performance award for all the work he did during his career. He has been attached to various television shows, including Khabarnaak and Mazakraat, and has performed various characters.
In 2010, Amanullah joined GEO News for its then new program Khabarnaak. He portrayed a simple, blind village man named Hakeem Sahab. The rest of the characters were bent on disparaging Hakeem Sahab. Khan left this TV show in August 2013.
He also played the role of Chacha Bashir in Mazaaq Raat. Some fellow comedians have reportedly said that Amanullah was their teacher, and they learnt comedy from him and from his comedy shows. He had a great sense of humor. His comedy acts were based on regular habits and daily lives of common people. Another famous Pakistani comedian Shakeel Siddiqui also reportedly showed a lot of respect for his work. Amanullah Khan was also known to occasionally deliver impromptu dialogue. He had also toured India and many famous Indian comedians including Kapil Sharma and Chandan Prabhakar regard him as their teacher and inspiration. Amanullah Khan was also known as "The King of Comedy" in Pakistan.
In 2018, he reunited with Aftab Iqbal in Khabarzar on Aap News Channel.
One Two Ka One (2006)
Na Maloom Afraad (2014)
Amanullah Khan had appeared in many stage dramas. Some of them are listed below:
Begum Dish Antenna
Disco Deewanay
Khirki Ke Peechay
Muhabbat CNG
Shartiya Mithay
Sohni Chan Wargi
Bara Maza Aye Ga
Chan Makhna
Ghar Ghar Bashira
Sawa Sair
Amanullah Khan was hospitalized in January 2018. He was treated in the intensive care unit of a local hospital in Lahore but was discharged later. He was reportedly suffering from a common cold and then developed some complications. He died on 6 March 2020 due to lungs failure in a local hospital in Lahore.
Awards and recognition
Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in 2018
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