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Alien Huang
Alien Huang
2012-11-28 黃鴻升「夜王」演唱會 台北站.png
Alien Huang Concert Tour, 2012
Born(1983-11-28)28 November 1983
DiedSeptember 16, 2020(2020-09-16) (aged 36)
OccupationSinger, actor, television host, lyricist, writer, illustrator, fashion designer
Years active2002 - 2020
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese黃鴻升
Simplified Chinese黄鸿升
Musical careerAlso known as小鬼GenresMandopop, RockInstrumentsGuitar, Chinese drumLabelsRock RecordsAssociated actsHC3 (disbanded) – 2002 Cosmo (disbanded) – 2003 Playboyz (disbanded) – 2010
Alien HuangTraditional Chinese黃鴻升Simplified Chinese黄鸿升Transcriptions
Alien Huang (traditional Chinese: 黃鴻升; simplified Chinese: 黄鸿升; pinyin: Huáng Hóng Shēng; 28 November 1983
, also known as Xiao Gui (小鬼) Little Ghost, was a Taiwanese singer, actor, television presenter, illustrator and fashion designer.
He was formerly part of Japanese TV Asahi's disbanded boy band HC3 in 2002 and Taiwanese Rock Records' disbanded boy band Cosmo (丸子) in 2003.
Later, as a solo artist, he has now released many albums and has acted in numerous movies and television dramas. He is known as presenter of a popular Taiwanese variety entertainment show, 100% Entertainment《娛樂百分百》, which he left in early 2016. He is the founder and designer of AES (Alien Evolution Studio), a clothing brand which he first established in 2008. He has also published three illustration books in which he expresses ideas and emotions through his writing and drawings in a creative and unique way.
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Early life
Alien Huang was born in Taipei. His paternal grandfather was originally from Shanghai. He grew up living with his father, younger sister and paternal grandmother. Although he lived separately from his mother due to his parents' early divorce, they still maintained a close relationship. Ever since primary school, his talent in arts and crafts had been evident as his grades were always within the top three for poster-designing projects. When he was in middle school, his father intended to train him to become a professional golf player. However, due to his interest in performing, he decided to apply to HuaGang High School of Performing Arts, where he was accepted after achieving first place out of thousands of applicants. There, he met classmate Rainie Yang, and they dated for three years. Their relationship ended when Rainie made her debut in the entertainment industry and dropped out of high school. He also put his hosting talents to use by serving as the MC of all major events held at school. In his spare time, he even worked in a fast-food restaurant. He obtained a lifeguard licence at the age of 18, and a swimming coach qualification when he was 20 years of age.
While still in high school, Alien Huang was chosen to take part in a pre-casting training course for the film "Blue Gate Crossing"《藍色大門》. Although in the end he did not participate in the film, it was during this time that he was discovered by his first manager, and he officially entered the entertainment industry at the age of 18.
In 2002, he began hosting a nature-discovery show for children named Follow Me, Go! 《下課花路米》. He then joined the Japanese-Taiwanese boy band HC3. They released their debut single "We Are Friends"《我們是朋友》, but disbanded not long afterwards.
In 2003, he became part of the boy band Cosmo, but due to a problem with the contract of one of the members, Richard(綠茶), they disbanded after releasing their debut album《關東煮》.
In 2004, he played as one of the main roles in the film "Holiday Dreaming"《夢遊夏威夷》.
In 2005, he started hosting various entertainment shows, and in 2006 he officially became a fixed host of the show "100% Entertainment"《娛樂百分百》.
In 2007, he released a duet "The Melody of Love"《愛的主旋律》with co-artist Genie Zhuo. He also released his first book《搞什麼鬼?!》the same year.
In 2008, he starred in the drama series "Mysterious Incredible Terminator"《霹靂MIT》 as one of the main roles, 747黃輝宏. He also released his first single "Fooling Around"《鬼混》 along with his second book《鬼怒穿》that year.
In July 2009, he released his first mini album "Disdain"《不屑》 and in December of the same year he released his first full album titled "Love Hero"《愛&英雄》.
In 2010, he released another single "Heart Amulet"《御守之心》 along with his third book《赤鬼流》.
In 2011, he took on leading roles in the drama series "Love You"《醉後決定愛上你》 and "Lin Bei"《珍愛林北》, as well as the Singaporean film "Already Famous"《一泡而紅》. In August, he released the single "Transformers Cuz of You"《金剛變形》. In December, he released his second full album "Break Heart, Black Heart"《黑心傷品》.
In 2012, he starred in Taiwanese film "Din Tao: Leader of the Parade"《陣頭》, which earned a box office of NTD 315 million, as well as the highly rated Singaporean drama series "Joys of Life". He also starred as the lead role in the Taiwanese television drama"Sweet Sweet Bodyguard"《剩女保鏢》, which gained high local popularity. His debut Asia concert tour G·host Tour 2012 also took towards the end of the year, starting in Taiwan on his birthday (28 November) and continuing to Hong Kong and Singapore.
In 2013, he released his third full album "Make Sense"《超有感》. He also proceeded to hold concerts in Taipei and Shanghai in the latter part of the year. He won “Most Popular Male Artiste” at the 2013 Singapore Hit Awards, as well as “MeRadio Top Downloaded Hit Award (Male Artist), for which the winning female artist for the same award was Singapore singer songwriter Serene Koong 龚芝怡.. He also bagged two awards at the 2014 HITO Radio Music Awards namely "hito网路首播人气” and “hito舞台演绎”.
In 2016, as his focus in the entertainment industry shifted to musical and acting careers, Alien left 100% Entertainment, the only show he has been hosting.
English name
Huang chose his English name "Alien" because he hopes to be an indefinable and unique character, just like aliens are, full of creativity and not confined to normality.
He has previously also had various other English names, including "Janson" when he was in high school and "Harry" when he was in primary school.
Albums / Singles (Solo)
Release Year
English Title
Chinese Title
Fooling Around
Mini Album
Love Hero
Heart Amulet
Transformers Cuz of You
Break Heart, Black Heart
Forgot How To Be Happy
Make Sense
Dare to believe, dare to do, dare to love
Love Song
Forget Me
Albums / Singles (Band)
Name of Band
English Title
Chinese Title
Release Year
We Are Friends
Kanto Stew
Fastball Boys
Happy New Year – It's All Good
《Happy New Year 這個讚》
Release Year
English Title
Chinese Title
You Better Remember
Junior Han
Richard Rim
Jin-Xiu Duet
BiBi Zhao
Josephine Anan Xu
Pei-Lin Cai
Resurrection Island
Alex To
Junior Han
Richard Rim
The Melody of Love
Genie Chuo
Angel's Wings
Various Artists
Fly Together
Various Artists
Let Love Spin the Entire Universe
Various Artists
Tomorrow Will be Better
Various Artists
Rui En
Genie Zhuo
Soundtrack Contributions
English Title
Chinese Title
Love Contract
Perfect Ending(Cosmo)
Herb Lovers
Come Go to HawaiiSpeed Force(Cosmo)
Holiday Dreaming
Rogue Principal
Transformers Cuz of You
Lin Bei
Thank You for Letting Me Equal You
Already Famous
Solicitude(with Rui En)
「牽掛」 (與瑞恩合唱)
Joys of Life
Forgot How To Be Happy
Sweet Sweet Bodyguard
One Four One Three
Dong-Huachun Barbershop
One out of A Thousand
Just You
The Cat from the Farm
Beloved(with Genie Zhuo)
Television series

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who killed Alien Huang?
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