Ahmad NikTalab is confirmed dead at the age of 85.
Ahmad was best known as a Iranian poet.
Death was likely due to author.

Ahmad NikTalab (Persian: احمد نیک طلب‎) (Also known as Yavar Hamedani Persian: یاور همدانی‎) ( 22 April 1934 in Hamedan – 3 March 2020 in Tehran) was an Iranian poet, author, and linguistic.

Ahmad NikTalab
احمد نیک طلب یاور همدانی.jpg
Born(1934-04-22)22 April 1934
Died3 March 2020(2020-03-03) (aged 85)
ChildrenBabak ,Poopak
1 Life
2 Some books
2.1 Part of his poem
3 References
He was born in Hamedan. After education and living in Hamedan in the first part of his life, he went to Tehran to continue his education in Tehran University. His first articles were published in Armaghan Magazines. His first poems were published at the age of thirteen. He has been active in the literary associations of Hamedan and Tehran, including the Iranian Literary Association. He was also a prominent member of the Iranian Literary Association. Rahi Moayeri, Mehrdad Avesta, Hossein Monzavi, etc. were among his acquaintances and colleagues. From the 1930s, Ahmad Niktalab began his work with the Radio Organization, along with figures such as Rahi Moayeri, many of whose songs have been sung on music ever since. Many of Hamedani's local songs have been translated into many Eastern languages while being broadcast on Iranian radio programs.
Some books
Ganj Nameh Persian lyrics collection, Tehran: Setavand Yazd, 2001
Saye Sare Alvand (or Sāyahʹsār-i Alvand), Persian lyrics collection, Tehran : Sūrah-i Mihr,
This book has some poetries in Hamedani dialect.
Selected Poems, Tehran: Neystan Publishing
Masnavi soroud farda ("Tomorrow's Anthem")
From Tehran to Tehran: History of Tehran , Tehran: Tehran Municipality Publications
Part of his poem
One of his famous Poetries is "Mehraban Mah" (means: The kind moon):
The night came, my kind moon did not come
The bright light of my way did not come ...
The dawn came and the sun blossomed like a flower
But the flower of morning's garden didn't come...
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