Abdul Hafeez Khan Al Yousefi is confirmed dead at the age of 82.
Abdul was best known as a Pakistani-born Emirati agronomist.
Death was likely due to leukemia.
Abdul Hafeez Yawar Khan Al Yousefi, Pakistani origin who was known as Khan,the agriculturist, the first agricultura…
RIP Abdul Hafeez Khan Al Yousefi @TheTweetOfGod #TragicDeaths 💔💐 #AbdulHafeezKhanAlYousefi add some flowers to the…
Abdul Hafeez Khan Al Yousefi, you will be missed - #Abdul #rip
RT @kjibi98: Abdul Hafeez Khan Al Yousefi , Pakistani, who was the Agricultural Adviser to Sheikh Zayed and who turned the deser…
Abdul Hafeez Khan Al Yousefi
Abdul hafeez Al Yousefi.jpg
Abdul Hafeez Khan Al Yousefi (Right)
Died14 February 2020 (aged 82-83)
NationalityUnited Arab Emirates
EducationAmerican University of Beirut
OccupationRetired Horticulturist
Known forAgricultural Adviser to Sheikh Zayed
Abdul Hafeez Khan Al Yousefi (Arabic: عبد الحفيظ خان يوسفي‎), was the former Agricultural Adviser to Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (Founder of United Arab Emirates).
1 Early life
2 Education and career
3 Later life
4 Death
5 References
Early life
Al Yousefi was born in British India (now India), before his Family migrated to Karachi, Pakistan along with many other after the Independence of Pakistan.
Education and career
Al Yousefi moved to Beirut where he studied for a Graduate Degree in Agricultural Sciences from the American University of Beirut.
During the same time in 1962, Sheikh Zayed, then the former Ruler's Representative for the Eastern Region of Trucial States, had turned to international diplomacy in his efforts to find someone to develop Al Ain’s agriculture. Sir Hugh Boustead, the British political agent in Abu Dhabi, contacted Dr Jack Eyre, an agriculture adviser to the Middle East development division at the British Embassy in Beirut, requesting a candidate. Eventually Al Yousefi was selected. In May 2015, Al Yousefi published his book "50 years in Al Ain Oasis", and dedicated it to Sheikh Zayed during the 2015 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.
Later life
Al Yousefi remained in UAE after a good friendship bond was developed between him and Sheikh Zayed. He now lives in his Al Ain house which was built for him by Sheikh Zayed, it was also the first proper house built in UAE.
Al Yousefi died in Al Ain after suffering from Leukemia for some years
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